Put Your Data to Work with The Microsoft Power Platform

Improve Productivity In Your Business

Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability With The Microsoft Power Platform

We create modern, intelligent business applications for small and medium sized businesses.

Improve productivity across your business with an integrated application platform that combines Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate (formerly - Microsoft Flow).

Power Apps doesn’t stop at forms over data – and doesn’t even stop at traditional apps. Only the Microsoft Power Platform is built to deeply integrate across Apps, Automation, Business Intelligence, and now Virtual Agents.

More than ever, small to medium-sized business across Australia have embraced the value of properly capturing and using data to improve the performance of their business.

Most businesses have a multitude of data – often sitting indifferent and disconnected places such as CRMs or other databases, spreadsheets, practice management systems or accounting packages.

If this sounds like your business and you are not sure how to effectively make use of all that valuable data – then welcome to the Microsoft Power Platform!

What is the Power Platform?

Power Platform is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Microsoft that enables businesses to Analyse, Act and Automate data and systems inside their businesses.

The platform is designed to be used to in everyday businesses regardless of size and sector and you do not need to be a programmer or technical expert to utilise the Power Platform.

What Does The Power Platform Include?

Power Platform is comprised of three core modules.

1. Power BI (Business Intelligence)

This module deals with the ‘Analyse’ feature of The Power Platform, delivering meaningful and insightful visualisations of your data. Like the rest of the Power Platform, it enables users to easily create their own custom reports and dashboards.

In short, Power BI brings your data to life.

Power BI is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

  • Transform data into stunning visuals and share with colleagues on any device.
  • Visually explore and analyse data – on premise and in the cloud – all in one view.
  • Collaborate on and share customised dashboards and interactive reports

2. Power Apps (Application Development)

This module addresses the ‘Act’ feature of the Power Platform, enabling users to easily create applications (apps) for their business without the ability to read or write code.

PowerApps can be both desktop and mobile. It can be used to create sophisticated apps to solve complex problems in your business or even a simple app to transition out of excel spreadsheets.

If you still manage a process in a spreadsheet and looking for a cost effective, cloud based scalable solution, then Vinergy can help!

3. Power Automate (originally – Microsoft Flow)

Power Automate is the ‘Automation’ module, allowing you to create automation and connectivity in your business. Power Automate enables users without technical ability to create automated workflows between business applications inside your business.

Ask yourself these questions :

  • Do you currently have numerous software applications inside your business, and none of them integrate with each other?
  • Would you like to synchronise files from one system to the other?
  • Would you like to create automation, i.e when a new lead comes in via your website the sales team are immediately alerted, with the lead already created in your CRM? This is one of endless flows that are possible!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Power Automate is the perfect solution for your business.

If you would like to add a level of automation and connectivity between your business applications, get in contact with Vinergy!

Curious to learn more about the Microsoft Power Platform? Then visit our blog page to read more about the Power of the Power Platform, and how it can help improve and grow your business.