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Manage My Properties

A simple cloud-based solution utilising Microsoft’s Common Data Service designed for Property Managers like you!

Manage My Properties by Vinergy leverages Microsoft’s Common Data Service, enabling Property Managers to take advantage of a simple and effective tool to manage properties, inspections, correspondence, compliance and property leases.

Equipped with Analytics, Manage My Properties ensures transparency and visibility throughout your Property Management business allowing you to effectively manage your properties.

Our product that we have developed is built on a robust and enterprise grade platform that is scalable and extensible.

Don’t pay $100s or $1,000s of dollars per XX properties you manage, ours is for unlimited properties, unlimited capabilities, highly customisable and scalable for your business.

Manage My Properties Features

  • Dashboards
  • Property Management
    • Manage Properties (Rentals & Sales)
    • Manage Tenants
    • Manage Inspections
    • Manage Property Breaches
    • Assign Property Owners
  • Property Leases (Agreements)
    • Manage Property Leases (Agreements)
  • Correspondance & Communications
    • Integration with Market Leading Websites for Enquiries (
    • Tracking of Emails, Phone Calls, Tasks & Meetings (incoming and outcoming)
    • Robust Outlook App for tracking emails from directly inside your Outlook.
    • Ability for integration to popular CTC (click-to-call) software such as CyTrack, Avaya, 3CX etc.
  • Property Compliance
    • Manage Property Compliance (ad-hering to local legislation)
  • Integration
    • Native Integration with Office 365 (Mail, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams)
    • Integration with popular and market leading websites
    • Integration with Google Maps (along with Street View)

Equipped with a user-friendly interface (useable across desktop, tablet & mobile), Manage My Properties is designed with you in mind, it’s straight forward to install, easy to navigate, making it the perfect tool to manage your properties.

Available only through Vinergy.
A complimentary 14-day trial available.

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