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Dynamics 365

Improve Operational Efficiency with Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a cloud-based suite of customer relationship management (CRM) applications designed to help businesses manage their customer interactions and relationships more effectively.

Boost Your Business’s Efficiency Across Operations with Dynamics 365

Success in today’s highly competitive marketplace demands careful planning, smart strategy, and the right tools to execute your plan. Continuous improvements are a must, and your teams must feel empowered to deliver the best results possible for your customers. With such a framework in place, you can spend less time fretting over IT and more time laser-focused on the critical tasks of the project at hand. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, cutting-edge solutions are within easy reach. 


What is this platform?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based suite comprising multiple customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Designed to help businesses manage their customer interactions and relationships more effectively, Dynamics 365 is a powerful and integrated solution that has the power to transform the way you work.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement delivers a robust and comprehensive set of tools for re-imagining the way you work. This includes processes such as managing customer data and tracking customer behaviour and interactions with your business. Other integrated applications support sales, marketing, and customer service automation.

What does Dynamics 365 include?

Equipping your business for success starts with acquiring the right tools for the job. With Dynamics 365, you can access virtually everything you need in this realm under one digital roof. This software suite includes bundled applications for supporting your sales team, boosting the reach and effectiveness of your marketing, and delivering world-class customer service. Here’s how:

  • The sales stack lets you improve how you manage the flow of customers through your funnel and along their buying journey. Gain pipeline oversight, track progress with your leads, and automate key sales process elements to provide more responsive customer results.
  • The marketing application streamlines campaign management, lead generation and monitoring, and analysis of how customer behaviours respond to your marketing, so you can tailor your next push to be even more effective.
  • The customer service solutions in Dynamics 365 make it easier to manage and monitor customer requests and inquiries while tracking issues and support tickets to enable your support team to offer better outcomes.

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 fully and seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft services and products, including Office as well. Leverage your existing investment into Microsoft products with better integration and transform the way you work.

Dynamics 365 Solutions

At Vinergy, we have a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience with setting up and maintaining Dynamics 365 across diverse industries. Working together, our team can help your business begin to innovate better solutions in areas such as:

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Better understand customer pain points and use a bird’s-eye view to see where specific customer needs exist—then tailor your sales strategy to address those needs. Give your sales team a framework for success through data and analysis, and start to win more deals.

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Customer Service

Leave impersonal and unhelpful customer service behind. Use intelligent solutions from within the Dynamics 365 suite to offer every customer a custom and personal-feeling experience. Do more with your customer service team and optimise how they work for happier customers.

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Field Service

Transform how your teams work in the field with remote monitoring software, integrated and connected tools for rapid support, and innovative business intelligence tools. Ensure that everyone in the field has the capability they need to achieve excellence.

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Artificial Intelligence

Discover hidden trends, understand customer behaviours, and enable your teams to generate predictive insights without any advanced coding. Unlock the power of AI for your business.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Unify your business — from data to people to processes — with modern, intelligent business applications that adapt to your changing needs and prepare you for whatever tomorrow holds.

Why Choose Vinergy?

Vinergy are experts in developing cloud strategies for small and medium sized businesses. Our team work closely with you to understand your needs and brings together the best tools for the way your business works today and into the future.

‘Get Smarter, Get Stronger and to Grow Faster.’

  • We are local and like-minded – we too are business owners and decision makers
  • Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and competent
  • Our approach is non-corporate, non-jargon professionalism
  • We are proactive, responsive and accountable

Our 5 Point Customer Promise

  1. We will treat your business as if it were our own
  2. We will keep your business running
  3. We will make your life easier
  4. We will allow you to focus on what you do best
  5. We will make your business smarter, stronger, simpler and faster.
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