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Microsoft Azure


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“The Cloud” of today is already dramatically different from the set of technologies that began to emerge more than a decade ago. Today, the power and depth of cloud computing are accessible to the average business, which opens the door to newer, better, and more innovative ways of working. Microsoft Azure is one of the most potent tools for achieving that goal today.

Azure comprises a growing set of cloud services delivered by Microsoft, designed and built to help organisations like yours meet the unique challenges of today’s complex business world. Azure lets you tap into the latest technological advances, including generative AI, so that you can build, deploy, and manage advanced applications on one of the world’s largest computing networks.

For those working at data centre levels of scale, Azure is one of the best platform choices today for managing applications and services at scale. Azure is multi-faceted and flexible. It can act as:

  • Software as a service (SaaS),
  • Platform as a service (PaaS), and 
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).


Work within the programming language or coding framework your business prefers and take advantage of the many Azure-integrated apps available from Microsoft and third parties.


How do you get started?

At Vinergy, our Azure professionals can assist your business with end-to-end support, from conceptualising new applications to leveraging existing Azure capabilities more effectively. When you work with our team, you can unlock the full range of benefits Azure offers.

How Does Azure Help Your Business?

Notable features you’ll find in Azure today include:

  • Centralised access to today’s advanced machine learning and AI tools, from software robots for process automation and custom ML models to AI integration for your apps.


  • Access to incredible computing power makes deploying virtual machines and servers easier than ever. Azure supports SQL, Windows, Linux VMs, and more.


  • Product development tools for app development and support. Develop mobile and web-based apps to offer critical services to customers or users within your business. Leverage serverless computing to quickly roll out new projects without needing more advanced infrastructure. Leave tedious server management behind.


  • Protect your business. Use Azure to adopt intelligent analytics that can identify security risks and take action on your behalf to stop threats automatically. Develop a more hardened approach. Gain access to secure cloud layers for private production environments.


  • Leverage the Internet of Things. Use Azure to coordinate and centralise IoT devices, use cloud intelligence to process data, and visualise reported data as it arrives.


Ultimately, this is just a scratch on the surface of what Azure can do for you. With Vinergy, you can unlock the full range of solutions with experienced help.


Discovering Azure Solutions with Help from Vinergy

Take full advantage of the power of the cloud today when you explore how an Azure deployment can expand your company’s capabilities. Build applications that streamline your work, offer better resources to customers, and more — all with help from a team that puts your needs first in every regard.

At Vinergy, we’re excited about the opportunity to help our partners recognise the full potential of Azure. Let’s consult today to consider what you could achieve with access to a global network of powerful computing tools. 

Why Choose Vinergy?

Vinergy are experts in developing cloud strategies for small and medium sized businesses. Our team work closely with you to understand your needs and brings together the best tools for the way your business works today and into the future.

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  • We are local and like-minded – we too are business owners and decision makers
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