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Cloud Strategy


Take Your Business To New Heights

Thinking of transitioning to the Cloud and unsure where to start? Or perhaps you’re not entirely sure what the Cloud is and if your business actually needs it.

Simply put Cloud Strategy and Computing is the delivery of computing services – including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence over the internet (the cloud) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale.

Typically you only pay for cloud services you use, helping your business lower operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs to change.

Key benefits to take your business to the cloud;

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Security
  3. Work from anywhere anytime
  4. Disaster Recovery
  5. Competitive edge
  6. Increased collaboration

Why Choose Vinergy?

Vinergy are experts in developing cloud strategies for small and medium sized businesses. Our team work closely with you to understand your needs and brings together the best tools for the way your business works today and into the future.

‘Get Smarter, Get Stronger and to Grow Faster.’

  • We are local and like-minded – we too are business owners and decision makers
  • Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and competent
  • Our approach is non-corporate, non-jargon professionalism
  • We are proactive, responsive and accountable

Our 5 Point Customer Promise

  1. We will treat your business as if it were our own
  2. We will keep your business running
  3. We will make your life easier
  4. We will allow you to focus on what you do best
  5. We will make your business smarter, stronger, simpler and faster.