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So, what exactly is CRM and do I really need one?

Let’s enter the wonderful and complex world of CRM solutions. What is it? What will it do for me and my business? Do I really need one? So many questions, where do I begin? 

Let’s start with the below…

Whether you run your own business, work for a start-up or you’re employed in a small, medium or enterprise sized organisation, you’ve probably at some point in time heard the acronym “CRM” or better yet, used one!

What is CRM exactly?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a piece of business software designed to manage your customer relationships. It’s a platform that brings a host of capabilities together. The core premise of a CRM solution is designed to help improve your customer interaction and in turn enhance the overall customer relationship.

Having used various CRM’s over the past decade, to me, CRM is a suite of business applications designed to increase operational efficiency by providing transparency and visibility across all facets of your business, while fostering partner, customer and prospect relations. CRM systems can be used by the management, sales, customer service/support, marketing and HR teams across your business. It provides a transparent platform to manage interactions with your customers, suppliers, prospects, industry partners and staff.

So how does CRM work?

If we start at the beginning, a CRM solution starts by entering basic customer contact information such as phone numbers, emails and website information. You can also add specific preferences about the client, such as communication preference, descriptions and client type. The CRM solution then enables you to arrange this information to provide a comprehensive view of individuals and companies, which helps you understand the customer relationship overtime.

CRM solutions on the market today are multi-faceted, you can manage your sales process, marketing campaigns, build personalised dashboards and reports, handle your customer service and support process. Truth is, most CRM systems on the market today are built for scalability, enabling you to integrate your CRM with current business applications, such as marketing, document signing, accounting packages, marketing apps, surveys and much more! CRM will act as the heart of your business and can connect and entwine throughout your business.

Advantages of CRM

There are many advantages to implementing a CRM system into your business.
The 10 key advantages are:

  • Improvement in your customer relationships
  • Increase in visibility and transparency across your organisation
  • Promotion of collaboration
  • Automation of mundane processes and tasks
  • Connection to other business applications and systems
  • Real time reporting
  • Record and track information process
  • Increase in selling opportunities and management of the sales process
  • Real time reporting
  • Increase efficiency

Vinergy are specialist business consultants and Silver Microsoft Partners. We are experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 so if your business is considering implementing a CRM, we’re here to help!

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