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Dynamics 365 For Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales

Go beyond sales force automation with Dynamics 365 Sales to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals.

What's new with Dynamics 365 Sales?

Let Vinergy transform your Sales process!

Sales success doesn’t come from a solitary individual’s efforts but from the combination of a team’s skill and expertise informed by an intelligent, data-driven strategy. Winning sales and closing deals today requires more than a polished script: success demands strong communication with customers and between teams, robust data and analytics to detect trends, and customer management solutions that keep you in the loop.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you have the tool to achieve all these things in one package. Go beyond the basics of sales force automation and explore insights to understand your customer’s needs in detail. Learn how to engage more effectively and reach the closing stage more consistently.

Escape from the Same Old Problems

It’s unfortunately easy for even an experienced sales team to become bogged down. Administrative tasks can consume too much time, and a lack of visibility into customer data leads to missed opportunities. Meanwhile, a lack of transparency often leads to a struggle to stay on top of the best prospects—so what’s the answer? 

With help from Vinergy, you can start transforming your sales process today and escape from these problems through the power of Dynamics 365 sales. Our consultants deeply understand this platform and how businesses can best leverage all its features for better sales—we’ve already helped many revolutionise their approach.

What’s possible with this platform? Dynamic 365 sales let you more effectively manage customer relationships, coordinate sales activities, and customise your approach. 

The latest updates coming to Dynamics 365 & the Power Platform in April 2023.

Collaborative Tools for Effective Sales Teamwork

Targeting customers through their preferred channels makes a big difference—but what are those channels? With Dynamics 365 Sales, you gain a centralised dashboard for managing customers, tracking conversations, and monitoring the progress of leads. Everyone can follow progress and quickly understand the story of a lead with aggregated information. Built-in sequencing tools let managers more effectively guide sellers through the process.

AI-Equipped Tools Deliver Critical Insights

What’s the best next move for a seller to take with a given lead? Should they call, send a follow-up email, or offer more information? It’s not always easy to tell—but integrated AI solutions help sellers envision better workflows and understand when and how to best time their communications. Leverage intelligent suggestions to move faster towards closing.

Achieve Higher Velocity in Sales

The built-in Sales accelerator minimises wasted time and makes every working hour more valuable by keeping sellers focused on high-value and motivation leads. Know when to focus back on the top of the funnel and when to push to close for those nearing the bottom.

Extract Data from Every Phone Call

Intelligent analytics provide deep insights into customer interactions, including buyer sentiments and emotional responses. Use past experiences to guide future interactions and deliver superior service, generating more motivation to buy.

Power Up Your Sales Team with Vinergy

Many companies today have a strong sales team at the heart of their success. At Vinergy, we’re ready to step in and help your business set up for even bigger successes in the future. Find out more today about how we can help you unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365 Sales.

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