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Dynamics 365 For Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Transform Your Approach to Service and Empower Your Technicians With Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Supporting your customers in the field is one of the most mission-critical tasks a business can have. When something goes wrong, time is money. More than just a saying, it’s a reality for many businesses: equipment faults and downtime can translate to lost revenue, production slowdowns, and cascading problems. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, you can provide a transformational approach to support and maintenance.

At Vinergy, our team has collaborated closely with many customers to improve their capabilities in field service management. With experience across numerous industry verticals, you can trust that we have certified and knowledgeable consultants ready to bring hands-on knowledge of your sector to bear. No matter your industrial challenges, we can assist you in addressing them through Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Advanced Software for a Competitive, Global Economy

Filled with incredible power and integrated with every other part of the Dynamics 365 platform, the Field Service suit provides unprecedented visibility and control over the entire support process. With the capability to support both remote solutions and on-site maintenance, your teams will be ready for anything.

Dynamics 365 Field Service effortlessly combines advanced workflow automation with smart scheduling algorithms to empower a mobile workforce for success on the job site. Not only do technicians have a better experience, but so do your customers.

The Key Features of Dynamics 365 Field Service

What makes this technology such a powerful resource for teams today? Existing at the intersection of deep data analytics and machine intelligence, the suite provides a modern set of tools for solving modern problems. This includes:

Deep integration

Deep integration between devices in the field and your support services. Data analytics from device sensors and intelligent monitoring provides early warning signs and trigger preventative maintenance alerts. When something goes wrong, you’ll know about it right away.

Automated case handling.

When IOT equipment in the field triggers an alert, your technicians and support staff discover it. Dynamics 365 Field Service automatically creates a new support case and routes it to the correct technician. Machine learning takes properties such as equipment location, properties, sensor readings, and maintenance history and draws intelligent inferences to suggest possible resolutions.

Remote and on-site support.

Technicians can accept AI suggestions and use Dynamics 365 to send remote commands to equipment to correct faults. When that’s impossible, generate a work order and use intelligent scheduling to alert the next available technician as soon as possible.

Advanced on-site tools and mixed reality.

Customers can see when technicians will arrive and monitor progress. On-site, technicians feed data about the visit into Dynamics 365 Field Service using a mobile application. When necessary, mixed reality tools, including Hololens 2, allow field technicians to solve even complex problems with expert help and augmented reality guidance.

Make Field Service Proactive, Not Reactive

From automated monitoring and alerts to mixed-reality support for field technicians, Dynamics 365 for Field Service lets brands achieve the most seamless service experience for the entire support process. From initial detection and ticket creation to the final resolution, your agents and field technicians will have all they need to ensure the experience leaves customers satisfied.

Find out more about how to overhaul your approach with help from Vinergy today.

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