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Microsoft Dynamics 365 ROI

Calculating a Return on Investment (ROI) is never a simple exercise, however for organisations looking to implement software solutions into their business, it’s an imperative calculation to understand.

The basic formula for determining ROI: is to subtract the $ figure you’ve gained from your investment from it’s orginal cost, then divide that sum by the cost of the investment.

However the grey area with ROI calculations is, it’s not only the tangible’s that’s beneficial, the benefits also cover the non tangible aspects of your software. In this blog, we explore the ROI of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

At Vinergy we’re advocates and big believers of Microsoft Dynamics 365, not only are we accreddited and certified consultants, we have witnessed first hand the benefits and impact this powerful platform has had on organisations small and large.

More than just a CRM solution, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Dynamics 365 to cover all facets of business, from Customer Service, Human Resources, Field Service through to Finance and Operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a scalable and flexible business platform catered for SMB’s right through to Enterprise sized organisations, so how would anyone begin to calculate Microsoft Dynamics 365’s ROI?

Research company Nucleus Research conducted an independent analysis to determine that Microsoft Dyanamics 365 delivers $16.97 for every dollar spent. In terms of ROI, this is significant! When analysing the results, Nucleus Research found that for every dollar an organisation spent on Dynamics 365, they realized an average of $16.97 in return.

This is substantially higher than the industry average for both Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions in the marketplace currently.

In addition, Nucleus found organisations taking advantage of Micrososft’s investments in cloud and usability, as well as integration and analytics, were able to achieve significant returns by increasing productivity, revenues and reducing overall costs. The research conducted is extensive and makes for fascinating reading, which can be viewed below.

We’re excited about the future and ongoing development of Micrososft Dynamics 365. We would welcome to hear your thoughts and experiences, if you’ve recently implemented Dynamics 365 we’d love to know your thoughts? Or if you’re yet to explore the benefits of Dynamics 365, Vinergy can certainly assist. Get in touch with us below.

Vinergy are specialist Technology Consultants and Microsoft Silver Partners. We are experts in Digital Transformation, especially Microsoft Dynamics 365. if you would like advice or even a compliemnetary consultation, please click on the below.

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