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Microsoft 365 for Business

At Vinergy, we’re fortunate enough to have access to an array of Microsoft Cloud Technologies and one solution which we find is gaining a lot of traction in the market is Microsoft 365 for Business.

Microsoft 365 for Business is a Subscription as a Service that enables you to run your business in the cloud while essentially Microsoft takes care of the IT for you, managing devices, protecting against real-world threats, and providing your business with the latest in business software.

Microsoft 365 for Business is an integrated solution that brings together the productivity of Office 365 with the advanced security of Windows 10. This cost-effective, subscription-based cloud service is designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses.

What’s included?

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Microsoft 365 for Business enables users to focus on your core business activities with peace of mind that your data is protected, and employees can collaborate, communicate and grow your business without technology roadblocks.

Why Cloud?

Small and mid-size businesses use email more than any other software app today. Vinergy often consults with many SMB’s who are cloud reluctant, running their emails from physical servers or free online tools. Microsoft 365 for Business enables SMB’s to replace legacy technology with a low cost, high value and high impact solution. Often a business class cloud email solution is a great first step to transition to the cloud.


There’s no secret that technology has had a major impact on the SMB space in recent years, and the way we collaborate in the workplace is constantly evolving. To remain competitive SMB’s need to ensure prioritisation on how their teams work together. With improved collaboration users can be more productive, reduce costs, safeguard data and enable employees to work from anywhere! Microsoft Teams (part of Microsoft 365 for Business) is the foundation of your collaboration solution, it can help with productivity, reduction of costs and flexibility.


We find here at Vinergy, that not all SMB customers are aware of how serious security threats can be to their business. SMB’s can struggle to know where to start and how much security is enough. With Microsoft 365 Business as the foundation of your security solution, it can help simplify your security strategy, and confidently embrace new technology – all while growing your business.

Value Proposition

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Vinergy is a specialist Technology Consultanting firm and Microsoft Gold partner. We are experts in all things Microsoft 365, if your business is considering upgrading to Microsoft 365 we’re here to help! Please contact us directly for a free consultation. | 1300 974 622 |

Shaun Lyons heads up the Sales team for Vinergy across Australia. Shaun is passionate about leveraging technology and helping businesses embark on their digital transformation, to streamline operational processes and increase internal efficiencies.

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