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Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

Years ago, I was sitting in an internal strategy meeting when my boss proclaimed, ‘it’s time we embark on digital transformation’. I was impressed, I mean digital transformation… how exciting! The excitement slowly began to fade, when I thought isn’t digital transformation for large organisations? Then the excitement faded all together when I realised… I never knew what digital transformation actually meant!

As the years passed, and now working for an IT consulting company I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with SMB’s across the country and assist in leveraging and optimising efficiencies utilising technology. When it comes to technology we recognise there can be many pieces to the puzzle however here’s my take on digital transformation.

Digital Transformation is the use of technologies to create new or enhance current business processes, collaboration, and customer engagement to gain completive advantage in a business context.

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Here at Vinergy, we’ve found SMB’s have been open to embracing digital transformation however are often unsure where to begin. A great place to start is to identify any current manual processes or pain points, to learn more on this topic read our earlier blog on implenting new technology;

Implementing new software, what do I need to know?

When rolling out new technologies into your SMB, it’s imperative to ensure the technology not only meets the business requirements for today however also for tomorrow, what I mean by that is scalability! Technology needs to scale with your business as your business and team grow.

‘Technologies need to meet the business requirements for today however also for tomorrow’.

Having lived through technology implementations that have not quite gone to plan, I’m a big advocate for engaging skilled consultants and partners to help map out the best path forward. Partnering with an expert in this field enables you to leverage their experience and exposure to digital transformation to mitigate the risk of potential problems that could arise throughout the process.

Collaboration with internal stakeholders is also a powerful recourse to leverage, often staff members from various teams can bring a new and fresh ideas that may not have been previously considered.

‘We’ve found SMB’s have been open to embracing technology’.

If I could leave you with one key take away, is that digital transformation is an ongoing process, tangibly it doesn’t end – being adaptive and mobile ensures SMB’s keep up with ongoing trends and an ever-evolving and competitive landscape.

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