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City Council Consolidates, Connects, and Automates Data

Project Overview

A large City Council based in Victoria was seeking advice on how to better manage, centralise and control their list of 17,000+ contact records. The database included industry contacts, associations, local sporting clubs and businesses. These contacts resided in multiple Excel spreadsheets.

The Challenge

  • The Council had numerous versions of this spreadsheet
  • These spreadsheets were used and saved across multiple divisions within the council
  • The result was duplicated spreadsheets and older versions being updated.
  • There was no transparency of records being updated
  • There was no tracking of correspondence against each business or contact.
  • The spreadsheet housed all critical contact information for all their constituents and stakeholders and was an integral component to their operations
  • There was issues with data not being current, updated or incorrect.
  • They knew they needed to replace the spreadsheet, however, were unsure of the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

The Solution

  • The original CRM request was unsuitable due to complexity and cost per user.
  • After taking time to understand the data, process and the spreadsheets – Vinergy recommended the Microsoft Power Platform, more specifically a PowerApp.
  • Vinergy developed a PowerApp with relevant fields and headings and imported the data into a cloud based, transparent and collaborative PowerApp
  • The PowerApp also included the council’s branding.
  • The solution proved to be very cost effective and implemented in a short time frame.
  • The spreadsheets are now redundant and there is one source of truth to create, view and edit the council’s stakeholder information.
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