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5 Steps To Getting Providing Better Customer Experience

1. Contact Vinergy’s CRM consultants

Our CRM consultants have second-to-none knowledge of effective CRM strategy for Australian businesses. Because we’re based on the Gold Coast, we understand what it means to offer a localised CRM solution to Aussie businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognise your business’s unique needs and organising a strategy to cater to those needs. Vinergy are a Silver Microsoft partner, so we can offer unparalleled CRM services when you choose to implement software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Drop one of our consultants an email and we’ll walk you through the implementation process and the Dynamics pricing. Vinergy’s CRM consultants provide help and support with a non-jargon approach to customer service. We want you to leave the consultation feeling knowledgeable and empowered to make an informed and intelligent business decision.

2. Organise your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation

Now, we know you’re going to love the sounds of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This CRM service provides in-depth, detailed insights that will allow you to provide the highest quality customer experience every time. So, the next step is organising integration with your CRM implementation consultant. We’ll work closely with you to understand which Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications will best service and grow your business. We’ll then take care of the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the CRM services. Our CRM Dynamics consultants are there via phone or email to support you and to iron out any issues that may arise, so you have a seamless transition.

3. Improve your customer service experience

Nowadays, customers see the support and service available to them as more important than product offerings or prices. If you can nail the client service experience, you’ll have a competitive advantage in any field or industry. Microsoft Dynamics CRM services provide businesses with a rounded approach to providing top-tier customer service. Through the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, your customers will be able to access a range of support services quickly and easily. Should your clients be looking for opportunities for self-support, they will have access to searchable products and service bases as well as peer-to-peer support communities. Alternatively, Dynamics offer CRM solutions for assisted support. Personalised intelligence allows for seamless customer support and even opportunities for predictive care. This data is easily accessible and carefully presented so customer service representatives from all levels of the organization can solve any issues a customer may be experiencing. Your customers can contact your business via phone, email, or chat services. Every single interaction is recorded and the data is then used to solidify trusted relationships with your existing customer base. Brand loyalty is the goal, and providing an efficient, positive customer experience is essential to achieving that goal.

4. Utilise Dynamics 365 lead generation service

Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Marketing provide lead generation services, enabling your sales and marketing teams to access intelligent insights into potential sales opportunities. Your marketing team will have access to detailed information on leads that they can then reach out to via targeted marketing campaigns. From there, your sales team are provided with an opportunity for a personalised sales approach based on the lead’s interactions with the digital marketing materials. In addition to this, your sales team are provided with predictions about how likely the leads are to result in sales. This means your sales and marketing teams can focus only on the most promising of leads.

5. Tweak your offerings based on insightful data

The final step is to utilise the data to give the people what they want! The in-depth customer insights Microsoft Dynamics CRM software provides will enable you to make informed decisions on your product or service offerings, pricing, customer service opportunities, and marketing decisions. Implementing the information gleaned from Dynamic CRM technology will lead to increased brand loyalty amongst your customers, attract new customers, improve overall client experience, and rapidly grow your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM services are highly adaptable, so as your business grows, your CRM services will grow with it. Why wait? This is the CRM solution you’ve been waiting for. Give us a call and a qualified CRM Dynamics consultant will be happy to help!

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