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4 Products Vinergy’s IT Software Consultants Can Help You With

Our business software consultants here at Vinergy are more than just pretty faces. They are incredibly experienced IT professionals with a specialisation in providing the highest quality service to small-medium Aussie businesses. Based in the Gold Coast, we understand the unique needs of Australian businesses and provide tailored IT software consulting services to cater for that context. We’re also Gold Microsoft partners, so we’re the experts at planning, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft IT solutions. We want to work closely with you to understand your business needs and provide you with recommendations and solutions to fit your budget and your business. When you organise to speak with one of our IT software consultants, they can help you organise the implementation of any of these fantastic solutions.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Microsoft 365 takes your existing Office 365 suite and combines it with Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, providing your business with a comprehensive IT solution. Additionally, Microsoft 365 includes integrations that encourage team communication and collaboration such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. Everything your business needs to grow is supported by a Microsoft 365 implementation.

Dynamics 365

If you’re looking to optimise your business and operations and create the best possible experience for your customers, look no further than Microsoft Dynamics 365. This CRM software is comprised of apps that cover all areas of your business including sales, marketing, customer service, finance, HR, and operations. Dynamics 365 is highly customizable and will adapt to your business as it grows. A meeting with one of Vinergy’s business software consultants will allow you to identify which areas of your business will immediately benefit from a Dynamics 365 implementation.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based technology that gives your business the freedom and flexibility to store, share, and access data as well as management and deploy applications on a global network. It offers users reliability, accessibility, and security is data storage. If you’re still using non-cloud-based data storage methods, have a chat with one of our IT software consultants about switching to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Power Platform

Comprised of three modules, Microsoft Power Platform is a Platform as a Service, allowing businesses to analyse, act, and automate data from within their business. Power BI allows users to correlate data into engaging visualisations for presentations, analysis, and reporting. It makes otherwise overwhelming data look visually stunning. Power Apps is perfect for those who aren’t so tech-savvy, as it enables anyone to create an app within their business without any code. Finally, power Automate improves cohesion and connectivity between applications and files in your business. It makes access easy for the entire team.

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