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3 Steps to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

1. Research the benefits

The first step to implementing any change to your business is obviously thorough research, especially when you’re thinking of changing your CRM systems. Well, fortunately for you, Vinergy have saved you the hassle done comprehensive research on the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics. Here’s our highlights reel.

  • There is no area of your business that Dynamics won’t transform! Dynamics 365 provides software options for sales, marketing, field service, customer service, operations, and commerce.
  • MS Dynamics is highly customisable and can be easily integrated alongside existing Microsoft products and third-party systems, so you’ll be able to access a more rounded approach to business.
  • Dynamics 365 is incredibly flexible, allowing for on-premises access, partner-hosted, or cloud-based deployment. This just means you can implement the software to best benefit your business strategy.
  • Your customers will love it. Not only will they benefit from a more streamlined purchase experience, but they will also receive second-to-none customer support. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Insights provides in-depth analyses of your clients, allowing you to create highly personalised customer interactions.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing uses detailed customer insights and lead generations to empower your marketing team in their development of campaigns. The software streamlines the process from planning and implementation all the way through to maintenance and analysis.
  • Microsoft Dynamics for Sales provides sellers with lead generation and opportunity scoring, highlighting leads likely to result in sales. Your sales team will also be able to use in-depth customer insights to strengthen existing relationships and keep clients happy.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 will eventually begin to predict your business needs before you’re aware you’re in need! Everything from lead generation through to operations is analysed to provide you with timely, intelligent suggestions to continue growing and developing your business.

2. Contact Vinergy

So, you love the sounds of Dynamics 365, but you wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to migration? That’s where we come in! Vinergy are qualified Microsoft Dynamics partners and CRM consultants based in Australia. We’re Silver Microsoft partners, experienced IT specialists, and most importantly, a one-stop-shop for all things Dynamics-related. We’re there for you every step of the way, from planning your implementation all the way through to helping you maintain the software and ad-hoc changes later. Vinergy also offers end-user Microsoft Dynamics training, so your team will be well equipped to make the most of this new technology. We’re committed to providing non-corporate, non-jargon IT solutions that anyone can understand and incorporate, and since we’re Aussies, we can provide tailored solutions to other local Australian businesses. You can rest assured knowing that Vinergy’s qualified consultants are taking care of your implementation every step of the way.

3. Sit back and relax

Well, maybe not relax, but you can go back to doing what you do best; running your business! You’ll be amazed at how quickly Dynamics 365 will transform your CRM and IT strategy, giving you the tools to keep building and growing your business. In the meantime, Vinergy will keep doing what we do best; managing and supporting your Dynamics 365 implementation.

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