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4 Tips for Planning Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Today’s business world demands fast communication, collaboration, and staying productive in an always-on global economy. Existing IT solutions can no longer fully keep pace with the needs of even small companies in this space. Tapping into the power of distributed computing and the ease of accessing your data anywhere can yield numerous benefits. There’s just one problem: how do you make that change successfully? Is your business thinking about a cloud migration process?

What must you have in place to prime your approach for success? It all starts with the right strategy. Helping our partners plan and execute this process is what we do best at Vinergy. With our extensive experience in the cloud and hands-on knowledge of platforms such as Microsoft Azure, we’re adept at ensuring a seamless move for our partners. 

Analyze Your Existing Infrastructure Usage

Before investing in a cloud migration effort, you should know what cloud infrastructure you need. That means benchmarking your existing system and determining a wide range of stats about things you might not usually consider. Data storage, CPU power available, and other metrics will all determine how much power you will need to purchase from a cloud provider.

Determine Performance Indicators to Track

What’s the point of making a transition if you can’t tell whether it was worth the effort? Defining the KPIs for your cloud transition is another essential step. How much productivity and efficiency improvement do you want to see? How much faster should you be able to accomplish specific workflows? Ask the hard questions—and interview your teams—to set goals before you begin.

Prepare to Tear Down Data Silos

Where in your business does communication break down? Data silos are one of the biggest issues facing companies today. Disparate systems and disconnected teams often mean data is stuck in separate places, mandating copying or recreating files. The result is an information architecture that’s almost impossible for your business to track. Before moving, strategize how to tear down these silos using the cloud. Consider how this might impact the way you work.

Make Plans for Security 

Don’t leave security out of the conversation when moving to the cloud. Platforms such as Azure come with many layers of security, but every service is only as secure as you make it. You must plan how to protect your information and ensure that moving into the cloud doesn’t leave the door open to potential bad actors.

Taking Your First Steps

Transitioning to the cloud can be a substantial undertaking but can also impact your business. At Vinergy, we can support your business throughout the process. Helping you plan the transition, establishing a foothold on platforms such as Microsoft Azure, and monitoring your efficiency afterwards—we do it all. Speak with us today to learn how our team puts your business needs first for successful cloud migration.

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