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What is Wiise?

What is Wiise?

What is Wiise?

It’s no secret Vinergy are experts when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and associated Microsoft cloud technologies – we’re even a Gold Microsoft partner! However, there’s another cloud-based solution our team have become rather fond of, and that’s Wiise! And yes, we’re a proud Wiise partner also.

What is Wiise I hear you ask? Good question, this blog explores that very question and delves into the purpose of the software, why it was created and how it can benefit your business.

Wiise - Warehouse Worker

Let’s start at the beginning – In 2017, Microsoft released it’s cloud-based all in one business management solution called Business Central, which is an ERP solution for medium-sized organisations, with features ranging from managing financials right through to managing inventory and the manufacturing process.

Since its release Business Central has had great success, however since it’s created by Microsoft it’s very much a global platform. As much as Business Central is a powerful solution, it wasn’t localised to suit the Australian market, missing essential functionality such as bank feeds and payroll, which many Australian businesses are already accustomed to. Subsequently Wiise was born!

Wiise recognised how powerful Business Central is as a mid-market ERP solution however they also recognised the importance to localise the solution, in the aim to help solve many of the challenges small and medium-sized businesses in Australia face. Wiise teamed up with a global top 4 Accounting firm KPMG, Australia’s leading bank Commonwealth Bank and localised the existing Microsoft Business Central platform and created Wiise.

So, to put simply Wiise is an ERP solution designed for Small and Medium-sized businesses, built on the Microsoft Business Central platform.

Running a business of any size is complex. What we’ve found over the years is that legacy solutions and siloed systems, no longer stack up for businesses seeking a competitive advantage

Wiise has been specifically designed to fill the gap of businesses that have outgrown their existing accounting software however don’t have the requirement to move to an enterprise-grade ERP solution.

The sole purpose of creating Wiise is to assist the Australian SMB market, bring their accounting, operations, inventory, people and more all into the one cloud-based platform.

Vinergy believe in the vision of Wiise and can see the gap currently in the market, hence why we were quick to become a registered Wiise Business partner!

Key features of Wiise;

  • Accounting – With no monthly transaction limits and the ability to tag, track and report on every entry, Wiise expands as your business does, with the addition of intercompany transactions within one system.
  • Integrated Banking – Make it easy for your customers to pay so you get cash in the bank sooner. No matter who you bank with, Commbank’s Simplify lets customers pay your invoices with a click of a button, all while your bank reconciles automatically in the background.
  • Microsoft Office Integration – By connecting your Microsoft Office suite, you can work with your everyday tools. See customer insights, send overdue invoices directly from within Outlook. You can even edit in excel and with a single click publish your changes directly to Wiise.
  • Reporting and Insights – Real-time analytics, intelligent forecasting and consolidated reporting to help you make decisions with certainty. Drill down to the finer detail so you can plan ahead.
  • Payroll – Stay compliant and save time with Wiise payroll. Automated awards, single touch payroll, employee self-service, rostering, timesheets and more, all designed to handle the complexity of your business.
  • Distribution & Warehousing – Approval workflows, flexible shipping options plus multi-location and strong inventory management including serial and batch tracking are all available in Wiise to optimise and control the cost of your stock. Plan ahead and get visibility over your cost of goods.
  • Jobs and project costing – See just how profitable your projects and jobs are with job and resource tracking. Understand your true performance and raise PO’s with one-click.
  • Manufacturing and Service Management – See your full product and business life cycle in real-time. From production planning and warehousing to delivery and after-sales service, get the clarity you need over your business.

Here at Vinergy, we’re fortunate enough to speak to many businesses, varying in size and industry verticals – however, one constant remains – running a business of any size is complex. What we’ve found over the years is legacy solutions and siloed systems no longer stack up for businesses seeking a competitive advantage.

In a recent survey conducted by the Wiise research team where they surveyed over 1000 Australian businesses and the biggest three common pain points were;

  • Spending too much time on admin and manual processes.
  • Lack of business insights to make critical decisions.
  • Inability to see their complete cash flow in real-time.

With a solution such as Wiise, the benefits are endless however the top 4 benefits of the solution are;

  • See the full picture of your business and get the right information instantly.
  • Affordable pricing packagers, with three tiers.
  • Make decisions with certainty across all areas of your business, using real-time data.
  • Forget the stress of outdated or limiting software – This is enterprise-grade software designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

Convinced? Our team of consultants are experts in business processes and the Wiise platform, if you would like to learn more or even request a complimentary consultation, please get in touch with our friendly team today!

Vinergy is a technology consulting firm specialising in delivering business outcomes through the consultation, implementation and delivery of Microsoft’s cloud suite of technologies and Wiise.

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Shaun Lyons heads up the Sales team for Vinergy across Australia. Shaun is passionate about leveraging technology and helping businesses embark on their digital transformation, to streamline operational processes and increase internal efficiencies.