It seems like CRM is the new buzzword in business blogs and forums. While we know the acronym means ‘customer relationship management’, it’s important that you understand exactly what CRM technology means for your business. Vinergy are a Silver Microsoft partner, meaning we have a vast and comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft CRM solutions, such as Dynamics 365. Not only do we know how to conduct Microsoft CRM integration, but we also understand how its many features, tools, and services can benefit your organisation. Vinergy are based on the Gold Coast, and we offer consulting services to Brisbane and Gold Coast-based clients. We understand your business needs and we have a CRM consultant ready to support your company and provide Dynamics 365 solutions. If you’d like to speak with one of our CRM support consultants, give us a call or drop us an email.

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Improves customer relationships

We know it’s in the name, but Microsoft CRM services revolutionise the way businesses establish and maintain relationships with their customers. We’ve outlined a couple of the ways CRM technology will leave you with more satisfied customers.

More customer data

Every interaction is automatically recorded and turned into insightful data that can inform the way you do business. Customers’ purchase histories, personal information, customer service interactions, and website interactions are stored in a unique customer profile. These profiles will help you tailor a personalised experience for all clients.

Better segmentation

All this data will help you better segment your customers when it comes to developing sales or marketing strategies. Segmentation will allow you to anticipate the needs of a target group and deliver personalised marketing strategies and sales pitches to secure sales. Gone are the days of the ‘spray and pray’ marketing tactics; your decision-making and implementation just become a lot more deliberate.

Faster, more reliable customer service

Customer service is essential to the success of your organisation. Microsoft CRM software will provide customers with more options for services and support should they require it. If they have a quick question, there are options for self-support in the form of searchable product and services databases or peer-to-peer support communities. Customers can utilise these tools themselves to quickly resolve their own issue. Alternatively, your company can offer as many assisted support avenues as needed. Databases of personalised customer information enable staff from all levels of the organisation to search for details and provide seamless, tailored customer support via chat, email, or over the phone.

Forecast sales

To strategically plan for your business’s future, forecasting services can be an invaluable tool. This information allows you to predict product/service demand, resource distribution throughout the organisation, budget effectively for the future, and allows your sales team to effectively plan their time to maximise their efficiency. Microsoft CRM software uses in-depth data to create accurate, insightful forecasts for your company. It also allows you to edit these forecasts to add or subtract any variables that may be skewing the data. In addition to this, you can forecast your sales team’s expected performances so you can understand whether targets and KPIs are being met. Again, these statistics can be edited to improve accuracy. These team forecasts will help your managers offer guidance and strategise with their teams as to how best achieve these targets and increase overall sales.

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Increase productivity

Microsoft CRM integration will optimise your team’s productivity in a number of ways. For a start, cloud integration will mean your team is able to collaborate on projects. Information is accessible by all team members who need it and the opportunity to work remotely means projects aren’t put on hold when key team members are away from the office. Additionally, all that fantastic information will help inform your team’s day-to-day activities and streamline their to-do lists. For example, Microsoft Dynamics’ customer relationship management software gives salespeople a transcript of each call including action items, topics discussed, and call playback. These options save your team’s time on manually recording call highlights and allows them to search and create a personalised plan to assist that customer in the future.

Improve return on investment

Businesses that have integrated CRM technology have noted a great return on their investment by way of increased sales and business growth. Microsoft CRM helps businesses streamline and integrate all aspects of their company to create better services for their customers. If you’re interested in discussing more of the benefits CRM solutions can bring to your organisation, email a Vinergy Microsoft CRM consultant today.

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