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5 Of Our Favourite Business Insights From Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide businesses with a wealth of useful information they may otherwise have missed out on. These insights help businesses tailor their product offerings, adjust pricing, fine-tune marketing strategies, and provide more personalised customer service. At Vinergy, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible IT solutions to help your business grow and develop. That’s why we’re Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners! We’re Silver partners, meaning we can provide your business with top-quality assistance for all things CRM-related. Just give us a call or shoot us an email today and we’ll organise a consultation to discuss your business’s needs. In the meantime, we’ve listed here our 5 favourite insights than can be gleaned from MS Dynamics 365 CRM technology.

1. Conversation Insights

This tool is perfect for sales professionals looking to take their customer engagement to the next level or for teams of salespeople working on closing the one deal. MS Dynamics 365 conversation insights record calls to be accessed through within the Dynamics 365 Sales phone call activity logs. Within these logs, sales teams have the option to playback calls, access transcripts, and access a call summary which includes topics discussed, action items, keywords used, brand mentions, conversation KPIs, and sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis goes as far as to use emotion detection and deeper topic analysis so you can better understand your customers as human beings rather than purely as clients. This conversational intelligence allows salespeople to better plan their time, redirect their focus, and personalise their sales strategy to fit the client.

2. Pipeline Predictions

Chasing dead leads wastes valuable time in a salesperson’s day. That’s why MS Dynamics 365 for Sales has integrated pipeline predictions. This technology leverages the cloud and uses the abundance of data collected about your customers to predict promising leads and provide opportunity scores. This information means your sales team can spend their time on leads and opportunities that are more likely to close and result in a sale.

3. Relationship Analytics

Launching later this year, the relationship analytics tool will provide insights to help your business solidify excellent customer relationships by analysing existing successful customer relationships. Seeking to objectively understand what makes a good customer relationship, this software will provide impartial insights into relationship health and provide a clearer insight into the customer service strategies that work. This data will continue to grow and develop using AI technology, providing your team with highly effective, up-to-date strategies to enhance their customer relationships. The insights gleaned from this technology can also be used in training exercises to ensure the whole team are providing the highest quality service.

4. Unique Customer Insights

Everything about your customers is stored using Microsoft Dynamics 365’s cloud technology. Much of this information is accessible through the Customer Service Hub, allowing sellers to gain comprehensive insights into their customers, marketing teams to more accurately segment and target audiences, and customer service representatives to provide personalised support. In addition to this, Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights provide employees with key topics and support issues their customers are facing along with over 100 business metrics to help provide solutions. Employees will feel empowered in assisting customers knowing they have in-depth customer knowledge at their fingertips.

5. IoT Intelligence

Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligence provides businesses with proactive insights attempting to prevent issues before they arise. IoT Intelligence can notify businesses when orders are delayed and provides suggestions for solutions, advises relevant parties when equipment is down allowing swift action to prevent delays, and provides notifications and actions to help businesses manage quality anomalies.


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